Our purpose is to support owners in their use and maintenance of the Porsche 928 and to foster camaraderie among owners throughout the world.

Announcement of Election Results for Board of Directors

I am pleased to announce the results of the recent election by the members of the 928 Owners Club of the Club''s Board of Directors.  As of Jan 1, 2018 and through December 31, 2019 the Board of Directors for the 928 Owners Club will be:
Name Office Previous Post or New to Board
Jarrod Wise President President
George Michaels Vice President New
Bill Van Vlack Secretary Trustee #1
Bob Voskian Treasurer New
Marc White Trustee #1 Vice President
Rich Andrade Trustee #2 Membership Chair
James Morrison Past President Past President
Jarrod Wise, President

New and Renewed Owners Club Members for the last 4 weeks. Please Welcome!

Name First joined on City/State/Country OC Region Car
James Demmert September 19, 2018 Sausalito, CA United States 1978 928 US
Howard Kramer September 18, 2018 Newport Beach, CA SoCal 1986 1/2 928 s3 USA
Ed Petry September 3, 2015 Westerville, OH Midwest 1981, 928 w/Comp Package, US
Brad Haugen January 9, 2010 Hanna, AB Calgary 1989 ROW AT
Thomas Middleton January 1, 2004 Olympia, WA PacNW 1989 US 5-sp GT
Carlos Rosenthal September 3, 2018 San Pedro Sula, N/A Honduras 1993
Clive Pooley September 1, 2018 Crowborough, EN United Kingdom 1989 928S4 ROW
Peter Giza November 23, 2013 Auburn, NH New England 1978 ROW
Jeff Brimmer August 26, 2018 Ponte Vedra, FL Florida 1986.5 928S USA
Glenn Simpson August 30, 2009 Wappingers Falls, NY New York (Downstate) 1980 US 5-sp
Jay Cox November 23, 2012 Mansfield, TX DFW na
Paul Markey August 26, 2016 Avon, CO Red Rock 1983 928S US
John Veninger January 1, 2004 Hewitt, NJ Northern New Jersey 1990 US 5-sp
Chris Mullen October 24, 2013 Cottonwood, AZ Southwest 1987 US AT
Jason Beck August 2, 2013 Wayne , PA Eastern Pennsylvania 1989 US 5-sp
Steven Saslow August 26, 2013 Henryville, PA Eastern Pennsylvania 1988 US AT
Joe Brimmer August 30, 2017 Silver Spring, MD Capitol na
Bill Davis May 15, 2011 Mansfield, TX DFW 1980 ROW 5-sp


Photos from the Registry


The 40th Anniversary of the Porsche 928 - Stuttgart, Germany 2017

Link to full article by Rich Andrade, Membership Chair, 928 Owners Club

DSC01840L Group


Note from Overseas

We just received this great note from a new - non-US - 928 owner after receiving a welcoming email from our Membership Chair, Richard Andrade, describing his factory visit in 2002.

Since I am around 10 years-old, I always dreamed of Porsches; especially 911's; their so highly-defined engineering and their wonderful lines kept my goals and dreams focused on this (like many little boys !!).

A year or two after, my attention came to the 928 because a Gentleman from where I am that bought a brand-new 928 1986 (like mine) since a couple years had the kindness to give me a generous ride and I never forgot it !

I had the chance to have a couple Porsches since my 20's, but I have my 928 for 12 years now and it is by far my favorite one. 

Since last year; I found the right mechanic to make a total restoration and my car is having a new Life !

928 Motorsports and 928 International people help me so generously and so kindly in order me to have my car perfectly restored, this is wonderful !

My original V8 is sitting in a box in a shelf of my garage, for the future and now a brand-new GM 350 HO (item # 19210009) is sitting in the engine bay. This is an unusual feature that is not keeping the vehicle in the same Spirit, I agree; but it will be very pleasant to explore next Summer ! :)

Reading your text on the pdf document about your trip to Germany you generously gave me simply made me really happy to exchange with somebody as passionate as me about these wonderful rolling machines; this is why I take the time to send you this email.

Thank you once again for everything Sir and wishing to have the pleasure to meet someday :)  I am planning a trip to California with my car; we never know !

 Have a great day !

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Greetings Members,Former Members, Future Members, Forum Users, and Tourists!
This is the announcement that went out with the launch of the new OC Website on September 7th, 2014 , followed by a walk-through of the site
It is a great pleasure to announce some outstanding updates to the 928 Owners Club website and to the 928 Registry, founded by Chuck Zachman and recently donated to the 928 OC community as a resource. 

We thank Mr. Chuck Zachman for giving us the opportunity to take ownership of the 928 Registry and re-open it. He had dedicated many hours to the collection and organizing of a incredible amount of invaluable information, and shared it with the 928 community for years. We have worked hard to bring the concepts of the site up-to-date and to create a tool that will continue to be useful to the 928 community for years to come. We welcome you to the new site, and hope that you will help us build on the content. Please register yourself, and your car with the 928 Registry, it's free!

And please explore the Registry. It is sorted by YEAR, then by MARKET (US, meaning US and Canada), and 'Row' or 'Rest of World' then MODEL (S, S4, GTS, etc) and finally by PRODUCTION NUMBER. The Production Number is NOT the last four digits of the VIN; rather it is the sequential number of production for that particular 'series' of car.

The 928 Owners Club is a Volunteer Organization. That means that everyone involved in its operation, from President through the Board, and on to Committee Chairs and Members are volunteers. If you're not a member, please Join and you too can be a volunteer for the Club.

We're working on making it easy members to volunteer, and the Committee Chairs to find you and find a place for you to help make the OC better and better for its members. This includes:

  • A checklist in the new member form that lists areas where new members may have volunteer interests.
  • A table, under 'OC Info' that lists the OC Board and Committee Chairs
  • A checklist under each existing members' Profile that lists areas of volunteer interest.
  • A table (soon) that will list the members' expressing interest in each area so that Committee Chairs can contact you.